Boat Brokerage

Brokerage Services - We can sell your boat for you

Are you looking to sell your boat? Don't worry - leave it up to the professionals! We display our inventory on numerous websites that reach customers worldwide. We'll help you get your boat in front of thousands of customers.

Presence on the Internet is key....Being found is crucial.
Knowing that:
  • 63% of Boat Buyers research at least 7 websites online before they purchase*
  • 90% of Boat Customers search dealer websites before calling or visiting the dealership**
It only makes sense you work with a dealer that helps YOU get in touch with your prospective buyers! We display our products on numerous boat websites thus INCREASING YOUR CHANCE of the right buyer finding your boat.
Our brokered boats are displayed this extensive list of websites.

As more effective ways of utilizing the internet evolve,
the connection between buyers and sellers becomes much more efficient.
Rather than waiting for customers to find you,
let us help you find them.
Download our Brokerage Form to get started. You can fax it back to us at 920-434-8600.
Call us today for more details:
Green Bay: 920-434-2000
Oshkosh: 920-232-9500
**Boating Industry