Boat Storage Dry Stacking

Dry Stacking - Rack and Roll

Shipyard Marine puts the fun back in boating.

Boating should be relaxing, a time to hit the open water and chart a course for a fun. But, if you find yourself spending more time hauling, launching, and cleaning your boat than you are enjoying it, Shipyard Marine has the solution.

It's our dry rack storage system. And, if you own a 16 35 ft. cruiser or up to a 42 ft. performance boat, it's the only storage system you'll ever need. Just take one look and you'll understand why it's the wave of your boating future.

  • Less hassle
  • Less expense
  • Less worry
  • Less obstacles

At Shipyard Marine, less means more—more quality boating time for you, your friends and family—that's what owning a boat is all about!

Less hassle means easy in and easy out.

Just give us a call an hour before you're ready to roll and leave the rest to us. Shipyard Marine is a full service marina. That means, when you call we'll retrieve your boat from its designated slot, put it in the water, fill it with fuel, and tie it to a convenient dock. All you have to do is walk on board, load up, and take off. When you return, just dock your boat, unload it, and we'll take care of the rest. Your boat will be pumped out, if needed, and returned to its slot. If you would like to launch before hours or return to shore after closing, special arrangements are easily made. At Shipyard Marine, one call does it all, seven days a week.

  • We launch your boat—there's no need to fight the crowded ramps.
  • We'll make sure you start with full fuel tanks every time.
  • We eliminate the need to uncover and recover your boat.
  • If needed, we'll take care of your pump-out style holding tanks.
  • You'll have no need to find a place for winter storage.
  • You'll spend less time preparing and more time boating.
  • We'll even wash the bottom of your boat automatically.
Less Expense Means You'll Roll in the Savings

Shipyard Marine's rack storage system means spending more time in the water at less cost. You'll experience these savings:

  • No need for boat trailer and additional hauling costs
  • No additional boat launching fees
  • Less depreciation because of year-round storage
  • No need to buy tarps or to shrink wrap your boat
  • Need for less frequent bottom painting
  • Less maintenance cost due to inside storage
  • No need to winterize your boat
  • Less worry means more peace of mind

Let's face it, a boat is a big investment. That's why, when it comes to protecting one of your most valuable assets, Shipyard Marine's rack storage system can mean peace of mind. Our storage facility is completely enclosed, heated, and insulated. Our security system is top-notch, including a locked enclosed building. No need to worry about the elements, vandals, or theft. And, you'll find that the integrity of our professional staff is unmatched. It all adds up to peace of mind.

Less Obstacles: Your Gateway to the Bay

Shipyard Marine's dry storage marina is conveniently located in Suamico near Longtail Point, just a few minutes from the city of Green Bay. Nestled in a protected harbor, Shipyard Marine provides you with easy access to the beautiful waters of the north, ideal for a wide variety of water sports. Our exclusive location prevents hassles with commercial boat traffic, bridges, locks, industrial pollution, and other obstacles that take away from your time on the water. And, our clubhouse provides all the comforts you need to pamper yourself before and after your time on the water, including shower facilities. At Shipyard Marine, making your time on the water as enjoyable as possible is what we're all about.

Come out and see what our storage rack system can mean for you. Shipyard Marine: Where less means more. Come find out for yourself. Because your boat is stored year round and protected from the elements, it not only costs less to maintain, but it's actually worth more. Better resale value. Less maintenance. All at less cost. Only at Shipyard Marine. Rack and Roll is here to stay!

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Boat Storage Dry Stacking

Boat Storage Dry Stacking

Boat Storage Dry Stacking

Boat Storage Dry Stacking